UZME Meal Blast Kit (pack of 5)

UZME Meal Blast Kit (pack of 5)

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With the UZME Meal Blast Kit, you can heat up your meals in 10 minutes, without needing electricity or fire!


This product is sold in multiples of 5 individually packaged kits.

Each kit contains 10 UZME Heat Blast (the heating element) + 10 disposable heating trays pairs + 10 lids (with instructions of use printed on them) = 10 hot meals


The following quantity discounts apply automatically in the payment step:

Number of kits Price per kit
5 – 20
25 – 50
55 – 100
105 – 250
> 250 kits €14,5

These prices already include shipping to Portugal (mainland). VAT is applied in the payment step.

Meal shown in the video not included in the kit.

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  • ⌚ Fast heating

    Starts heating in under 1 minute and can a meal ready to eat within 10 minutes

  • 👌 Practical

    It is not affected by the wind blowing nearby

  • 🔒 Safe

    Eliminates the need for an exposed flame

  • 🌳 Ecological

    Does not use ethanol, methanol, flammable gases or any other petrol derivative

  • 💡 Innovative

    These are the result of our own research and development, to achieve the best formula

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